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An individual who lives, works, or thrives at sea. In fishing, surfing and other water endeavors to be called a Waterman is the greatest compliment ever paid to a venturer of the sea—as it implies "the greatest ever."
exterior photo of waterman's
Waterman's logo

Owned & operated by the Standing Family, Waterman's has a long history that dates back to the 1960's. The building was first called the "Shake n' Burger & Beach Nut Gift Shop," a walk-up burger joint & souvenir shop. In 1981, Mike Sr. & Helen Standing rebuilt the restaurant as "Fogg's Seafood Company" & gave it it's start as an Oceanfront staple.  In 1996 when their son, Mike Jr., graduated from college, he entered the picture - creating the addition of "the Attic" nightclub & converting the restaurant to "Waterman's Beachwood Grill."  Then in early 2007, the building was expanded & a new concept emerged - "Waterman's Surfside Grille" - an upscale yet casual Oceanfront restaurant, with the Attic transformed into a special events venue, and the Beach Nut Gift Shop a spot to find unique gifts & jewelry, located right inside the doors of Waterman's restaurant.

Waterman's sister restaurant, Chix on the Beach.
Waterman's Surfside Grille
Waterman's Sister restaurant, The Shack on 8th

In 2015, it was time for another expansion, but this time, just down the block: Mike Jr. & his wife, Mariah, purchased Chix Sea Grill & Bar, as well as the neighboring property across the street, on which they would build an outdoor bar & oasis called "The Shack."  The 'South End Trifecta,' as we now like to call it, provides three different atmospheres in a three block radius, to satisfy locals & tourists alike searching for fresh, delicious fare at a great price with an even better view.

Virginia Beach's
Original Crush House


While Waterman's is known for its ocean-minded fare, it has also become synonymous with Virginia Beach's favorite drink, the Orange Crush. Over a decade ago, Waterman's brought this popular cocktail and its original recipe to the shores of the Virginia Beach oceanfront—quickly springboarding it to a cult-like following and creating the term, "Crush Lover." 

Each year, Waterman’s bartenders serve nearly a half-million of the fresh-squeezed cocktails. To put it in perspective, if Waterman’s bartenders balanced them all along the rail of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the cups would stretch end to end...and then some. A trip to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront isn't complete without trying one of Waterman's Original Orange Crushes!

Waterman's Crush Crew

On average, a Waterman's bartender can make a fresh squeezed Original Orange Crush in just five seconds or less!

Waterman's Bartender making an orange crush

Our Sustainable Seafood Program


It may be surprising to learn that 90% of seafood presently consumed in the United States is imported, half of which is farmed in countries that have far fewer environmental regulations than ours.  However, our local Virginia fishermen, along with many fishermen around the US, provide some of the safest and most environmentally friendly seafood in the world. Choosing locally caught or Virginia-raised seafood not only ensures freshness and sustainability, but supports our economy as well.

As good citizens of our neighborhood—on both land and sea—Waterman’s Surfside Grille supports the Sensible Seafood program by purchasing and serving sensible seafood whenever possible. Sensible seafood comes from local and sustainable sources that are not over-fished or harvested in environmentally destructive ways.  Throughout our menu, look for the Sensible Seafood logo to help guide you into making sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood choices.  Working together, we can ensure that today’s sensible choices allow for delicious seafood to be enjoyed for generations to come.


Vintage photo of waterman's when it was called Fogg's Seafood

Vintage Waterman's


From the matriarch of the Waterman's family, Helen "Honey" Standing bouncing beach balls in the 60's, to a few versions of the "face" of Waterman's (formerly called Fogg's) - our humble coast-guard inspired building - enjoy a look back and a taste of our history.

Helen Standing on the cover of Virginia Beach Guide
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